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Massage Therapy, Energybodywork, Milford, MA
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"Working with James has been a pleasure. He has brought me to new levels of joy. Thank you for all your sessions." -Cindy


"I feel 100 pounds lighter after a Polarity and Chord Clearing session with James. The pain I had in my upper back was completely gone the next morning. I feel like a completely different person. Thank you James. I look forward to another session very soon." -Julie


"Had a massage last night at Healthy You Massage, which truly was the best I have ever received. James is so good at what he does, and incorporates energy work along the way, as needed. I felt so clear and refreshed. This morning, I am energized and I cannot wait for my next session. I highly recommend his service for anyone seeking a top notch Massage/Energy session!! 5 stars!!!!!" - Lisa


I have been a client of James for a few months now and the transformation for me has been spectacular. I am in a time in my life where I am making a huge transformation that will affect children worldwide and it is not only a huge feet but at times scary, so it is important for me to be grounded and focused and flexible for positive change. After my sessions with James I'm immediately at ease and sleep soundly and peacefully that evening and awake feeling refreshed, focused and motivated with a strong sense of clarity. I highly recommend James whose passion, professionalism, and mastery of his talent is remarkable. Truth. ~Eileen


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