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Massage Therapy, Energybodywork, Milford, MA
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Back in the early nineties, I went on vacation and had an energy bodywork session. After completion, the practitioner asked me “Have you ever considered being an energy bodyworker?” I responded with “it has not even crossed my mind”. I thought in no way would I ever do that because it's just not my style. I received several sessions with this practitioner for numerous consecutive summers. Every time she asked, “Have you ever pursued being an energy bodyworker?”. "No", I said.

Finally, her words of encouragement got to me and I felt inspired to attend an Open House event at SpaTech. At that visit, I enrolled as a student in their programs because the energy of the building gave me a good feeling about the school. This was the best investment I've ever made!

Completion Date
Massage Therapy Polarity Therapy
Spa Tech Institute
April 2010
Full Spectrum Healing Level 1
May 2011
Polarity Therapy
October 2011
Full Spectrum Healing Level 2
May 2012
R.Y.S.E. Level 2
Individual Work
December 2012
Past Life Regression Therapy
February 2013
Marconics Reconnection
February 2014
Access Consciousness
July 2014
Cervical Spine Techniques
September 2015
Releasing The
Face, Mouth & TMJ
January 2016
R.Y.S.E. Level 3
Group Work
January 2016

My course study is certainly not done! I enjoy learning new ideas and ways to bring my clients to their optimal level of health and joy!

I look forward to working with you !


James Chirchigno

Licensed Massage Therapist

R.Y.S.E. Certified Practitioner

" I believe that if I can help free people of their pain, they can achieve their potential and lead more productive lives."

"I thank those who have all put their trust in my hands and I hope that you too entrust me to fulfill your bodywork needs."


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